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Discover the unique flavours of Authentic Israeli food and other Middle Eastern dishes at Ofra’s Kitchen in Vancouver, British Columbia. Ofra specializes in Vegetarian/Vega​n dishes found in traditional Middle Eastern cuisine. Most of her dishes are Vegan and Gluten free. Explore Ofra's Inventions in culinary art.

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                                           5 stars.

Ofra's Kitchen is committed to feed the homeless. We had over 3500 meals distributed to shelters and homeless on the streets of the West End, since January 2020. 

Food disclaimer:

Some dishes may contain sesame, nuts, milk products, flour and eggs. While we do our best to accommodate the food restrictions of our patrons, Ofra’s Kitchen will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to our food once consumed. 


V. Falafel in a Pita $12.95

Lafa (Wrap)            $13.95

(Hummus, Salad, Tahini, Amba, Hot sauce, Five Falafel Balls)

V. Falafel Platter $18.95

(Five Falafel balls on a bed of Hummus, Olive oil, garnished with Parsley, served with a side dish of Salad and a Pita)

Sabih: Eggplant, Hard Boiled egg, Tahini, Salad, Amba, in a pita. An Israeli 'must have' dish 

Pita    $14.95 

Lafa:  $15.95

Sabih Platter : Eggplant, Hard Boiled egg, 3 Salads, pickles and drizzled with Tahini ,and Pita  $19.95

V. Vegan Burger  Ofra's Craetion, A delicious, healthy lentils, garbanzo, vegetables, eggplant ,spiced just right, patty. Comes in a pita with Hummus, Tahini, salad, Amba, Hot sauce, Pickles. So yummy, you will think this to be a revolution in burgers.

Pita $14.95

Lafa $16.95

V. Vegan Burger Platter: Burger, 3 Salads and Pita $19.95




Vegan Burger

Hummus Plates

All platters come with a side of salad and pita

V. Simply Hummus

(There is nothing simple about this homemade - from scratch, Hummus, Tahini, Pure Olive Oil and Garnish) $16.95

Hummus Hachla

(Hummus, Hard Boiled Egg, Chickpeas, Tahini, Olive Oil) $18.95

V. Hummus Fungi 

(Hummus, Sautéed Mushrooms, Onions, Tahini, Olive Oil)  $17.95

Shawarma: Soy curls, seasoned and cooked to perfection. You won't believe it is not meat!!! 

Pita $16.95

Lafa $17.95

Platter $21.95

Our Hummus, like all our dishes, is made from scratch. Soaked dry chickpeas overnight, boil it to perfection, add the best ingredients to it, to create this smooth, creamy, delightful, one of a kind in all of Vancouver, Hummus.  Try it and see what the fuss is all about.

Shakshuka Dishes

(Organic Eggs Cooked, Not Fried)

All platters come with a side of salad and pita

Simply Shakshuka 

Two Organic Eggs, cooked to perfection on top of our divine Tomato, peppers, Onions, Garlic stew $17.95

Bombastic Shakshuka

Two Organic Eggs, Tomato, Peppers, ChickpeasOnions, Garlic stew $18.95

Fire Shakshuka

Two Organic Eggs in Spicy, Tomato, Peppers, Onions, Garlic stew $18.95

The Greek Shakshuka

Two Organic Eggs, Spinach, Tomato, Peppers, Onions, Feta Cheese stew $19.95

**NEW! Vegan Sausage Shakshuka

This Shakshuka will amaze you. It is like eating Champaign. To our amazing stew we add Two Eggs and Vegan Sausage It is like no other of its kind! Can be completely Vegan. $19.95

Hummus Fungi

Sauté Mushrooms, Onlions, Herbs and Spices. Try me.

Simply Shakshuka

Simply Delicious

Israeli Salad

Simply Hummus


A large, succulent pita makes this, a hungry man's meal

Greek Shakshuka


V. Baba Ghanoush: Eggplant, Roasted on open fire, Tahini, lemon, spices and herbs. Very popular salad. $9.50

V. Moroccan Beets Salad: Beets in Moroccan spices $9.50

New salads inventions created daily. Check our salad bar for the salads of the day.                         $9.50

V. Dolmades 5 for $7.00





Vegan Sausage Shakshuka

Moroccan Beets salad

Vegan Dolmades

Simply Hummus


Large Comes with a side of salad and pita

V. The Healing Soup 

Lentils, Carrots, Celery, Herbs, Tomato Sauce) 

Small $10.50

Large $12.95

"Stuffed"​ Eggplant: This dish deserves a whole page on this site.!!! Lay​er

of Rice, vegan meatless m​eat, vegetables, all sautéed in garlic, turmeric, herbs and spices, and topped with delicious eggplant slices. Served with 3 salads and pita                                                                       $21.95  

Kufta (Ktzizot) Everyone loves a good Kufta. This Vegan Kufta will amaze you in its texture and taste. Comes on a bed of rice with three salads pita and homemade tomato sauce.            $21.95                                                                                              

The Healing soup

Testimonials "You are what our neighbourhood needs. Thank you for opening Ofra's Kitchen here".

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Vegan balls


Turkish Coffee


V. Baklava: Greek pastry filled with Pistachio and homemade honey $5.50

V. Mayan Nutty Balls: Vegan, Organic, Gluten free, GMO free, Sugar free balls. Seeds, nuts, protein, Coco, Dates and so much more, making this a delicious and guilt free desert $5.50

V. Extra Pita  $2.00

V. Pita with zaatar  $3.00   

V. Lafa with Zaatar $5.00                                                                                                                     

Mint Tea


Mint Tea $4.50

Turkish Coffee $5.95

Tea $4.50

Pop $3.50

Water $3.50

San Pellegrino $4.50

Israeli Malt     $5.95

juice                $4.50

Items marked V.  are Vegan​​.  All other items are veg​etarian,  and can be made vegan.