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       Good food makes good food

 Restaurant Guru 2022


   Ofra's Kitchen was nominated for 

 "Small Business BC, Best Community Impact " 

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                            Come by and experience our amazing food.

Come home for a meal

Ofra's Kitchen is the only Vegetarian/Vegan, Authentic Israeli/Middle Eastern cuisine at the amazing Denman St. location and only couple blocks from the ocean. 

On the menu they have: Hummus plates, Falafel, Shakshuka, Soup, Creative Salads and Deserts and much more. Finish a meal with a slow cooked Turkish coffee, or real Mint leaves tea and a decadent dessert.

All of her dishes are made with love, using the freshest ingredients. Ofra hand picks all the products herself. You can feel her love in every bite. Ofra, herself, is there to serve you from her array of authentic dishes, found only at her kitchen.

Ofra's Kitchen is inclusive and welcoming to all. 



30 years ago, Ofra immigrated from Israel to Canada, and called Vancouver home. In her efforts to adapt to the new culture, she met with a few challenges; new language, cold and wet climate and very different food. With time, she got used to many changes, and even loved many of them, however the one thing that she could not fully adapt to was the food. Her palate craved the taste of Israeli delights: Crunchy Falafel, Creamy Hummus, Mouth watering Shakshuka, Finely chopped Israeli salad, and other dishes from that region.

After many years of being a business owner in a different sector, Ofra decided that it is time to have her lifelong dream to open a restaurant, come alive. In Dec 2019, she opened her first restaurant in Vancouver. She named it Ofra's Kitchen. The name, she thought, will tell her story. "People will come to my home, my kitchen and share the food I make", she said. 

 Patrons are commenting on the amazingly familiar taste, smells and the wonderful atmosphere. One of their patrons said "It feels like we are in your living room", another said: "I walked in from the streets of Vancouver straight to Tel-Aviv".

People who are not familiar with the dishes from Ofra's Kitchen, commented on its freshness, taste and abundance.

Be a part of Ofra's Kitchen community, where people and food come together in a perfect harmony.

Ofra’s Kitchen Story

Ofra lived in Vancouver for over 30 years. Occasionally, she craved the tastes of falafel and hummus she grew up with.

She searched high and low but to no avail. Well, where there is a need, there is an invention, right? She created a home-like atmosphere, in the Vancouver downtown core, Two blocks from the beach, where people can find the best hummus, falafel, and shakshuka all made from scratch, using the best , freshest ingredients, with attention to details, taste, and presentation.

Come by and try their amazing items on the menu. Share your love for food with good people and in a relaxing atmosphere.

Mission Statement

We are bringing wholesome food with the desired Middle Eastern dishes, which are spiced just right. The meals we serve are healthy and fresh. They are made using the best ingredients.

Our goal is to share our love of food with people, and to create a different kind of space where people come together, meet new people and eat new foods.

Ofra's Kitchen is a welcoming, community-based restaurant. Here, you are encouraged to chat with neighboring patrons, share stories with the owner and the staff, share ideas, and feel at home.

Ofra brings to Vancouver a healthy, nutritious, vegetarian/vegan choices that are found in the Middle East, but more than that, Ofra creates a space that you can call home. So, come home for a meal.

Our Menu

Vegan Stuffed Eggplant

Four layers dish: Rice, plant based and vegetables, sauté mushrooms and eggplant, makes this dish a must try.

4 Beans Salad

Black, pinto, chickpeas, white beans, Vegetables, DELICH!

Sabih in a Pita

Eggplant, Hard boiled Egg, Tahini, Hummus, Salad, Amba, Hot Sauce, makes this a must have dish.

Greek Shakshuka

Two Eggs cooked on a bed of Tomato, Peppers,Spinach, Onions, Feta Cheese . best selling Shakshuka.

Hummus Hachla

Hummus plate, Garbanzo beans, hard boil egg, Tahini, Olive oil.

Vegan Burger

Lentils, Garbanzo beans, Eggplant, vegetables, Spices and herbs makes this the healthiest Burger out there. Tastes so good.

Discover the unique flavors of Middle eastern, Israeli food, with Ofra's Kitchen. Ofra's Kitchen specializes in creating an array of  healthy, Vegetarian and Vegan dishes. We have over 30 dishes of creative, tasty and healthy choices. 

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“I know Ofr​a's cooking for years and it is the BEST! We had soup, salads, Shakshuka with warm fluffy Pita bread and Hummus with Falafel! Yummy! Such a great place with good music and friendly staff, we really enjoyed! My son (4yo) said that everytime I take him to eat out, we should go to Ofra's Kitchen :)”


Beautiful food, healthy food, incredibly delicious food! Got tears in my eyes when I first tasted the vegan burger. Can’t wait to try the stuffed eggplant next time. Pleasant vibes and friendly service. You will feel great after eating here!

Great food. Creative cuisine. Healthy options. Casual. Cozy atmosphere. Daily specials.


Dinner at Ofra's Kitchen was a great experience. The food is delicious, the hummus is the best in Vancouver and Ofra is amazing and welcoming. We will definitely come back.


A very loving warm welcoming restaurant that makes you feel like home when you see the smiles from Ofra and her staff! The food here is amazingly delicious! Very fresh ingredients and exceptionally nutritious! I fell in love after the first bite! 😍 You gotta come try it!


Knowing how to make Hummus is a form of art and Ofra’s is the master artist . Ofra’s food makes your mind , stomach and all of your other cognitive senses screaming of happiness. The food is amazing and the most noticeable ingredient that you test with every bite is -LOVE- . Ofra loves making food . The Hummus is by far the best Hummus that I have ever eaten in Vancouver. It is smooth , not acidic , all of the ingredients blend just perfectly with top quality olive oil.Overall I have really enjoyed the food and the hospitality and I do recommend for everyone to try out Ofra’s Kitchen . Thank you Ofra of making me a happy person with your amazing food and hospitality.


By far the best middle eastern restaurant in Vancouver.

Falafel and hummus as they supposed to be made.

Highly Recommended.


                  Eat, Drink, Laugh, Repeat​.

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